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Pictures painted for me :D

These pictures were painted/created for me. They are mostly inspired by characters I created! :D Give them some love! :heart:

PixieCold my awesome sister!! :D

My sister :iconpixiecold: has the most amazing eye/makeup-art I have ever seen and her traditional works are more than epic!! You should totally have a look at her works!! :la:

Eye Art - Crazy Peacock by PixieCold After hunt by PixieCold

Traditional - Flora by PixieCold After Hunt by PixieCold


Since I get asked the same questions over and over again, i decided to make some kind of a little FAQ :) So please don't ask any questions, which are listed here, I will probably not answer them. Apart from that, I am always open for questions, so if anything is still not clear, don't be afraid to drop me a note or a comment! :)

Q.: When did you start drawing?
A.: I started drawing when I was a little child, I think when I was about 2 or 3 years old. Art has been my passion ever since I can remember. I started drawing digitally in the summer of 2009, when I got my tablet and Photoshop for my 15th birthday.

Q.: Who/What inspired you to start drawing or to not stop drawing?
A.: My mother was the one, who placed some sheets of paper and some colored pencils next to me, so she was the one, who got me into drawing. I also had several good friends, who liked art as much as I do and my older sister :iconpixiecold: is a passionate artist herself. Art kinda is a tradition in our family, because many of my relatives are artists in different kinds of ways. I was/am also inspired by many good movies (Princess Mononoke, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Avatar etc.) and TV-shows (Pokemon, Digimon, Yu-Gi-Oh etc.) as well as books (Harry Potter, Hunger Games, LotR etc.).

Q.: What is your preferred medium - digital or traditional?
A.: Well, I can't really tell, which medium I prefer. Both have advantages and disadvantages. But I seem to produce more digital art lately, because it is just more fun for me and it also is much easier to reach such a great and big audience in the internet with digital art! :)

Q.: Who is/are your favourite artist/s:
A.: My favourite artists on dA are :iconsandara: :iconsakimichan: :iconthienbao: and many many others. These also inspired me alot and still do. Sandara was the artist I watched the first here on dA and she has been kind of a rolemodel for me, because I really love her fantasy art! :heart: Surely I am also a big fan of my sister's :iconpixiecold: art! :D

Q.: What is your favourite motif to draw? And what is your favourite art style?
A.: I love drawing anything, which is related to Fantasy/Surrealism. I also love abstract art (but not too abstract, kinda combined with realistic elements). I love drawing fantastic animals/creatures, fantastic people/persons and I love to combine fantasy motifs and realistic motifs (Like little girl + dragon or realistic animal + fantasy setting/lights etc.). I don't really like drawing vehicles/machines, Manga art (though I like some manga artists here on dA) and some other things, that don't come to my mind now.. ^^

Q.: How did you learn how to draw? Did you teach yourself? Did you visit any courses/classes etc.?
A.: I never visited any art related school or class. I taught me everything by myself. I looked at many tutorials and speedpaint videos (on dA and youtube/google) and I just practiced a lot. My favourite artists also inspired me a lot and made me want to improve. I think the most important thing to improve is, that you have to have a passion for art. Art is not (only) about proportions, composition rules and all these things, when you practice a lot and WANT to improve, you WILL improve. The human brain is a miracle and it gets trained in different kinds of things, when we just do it. So just draw, have fun and look at other artists you like and you will get a feeling for colors, composition, proportions and all that! :)

Q.: Do you draw/paint without references?
A.: No, I use a lot of references, mostly photos I find on google or stock images from dA. Referenes help me alot, they also serve as inspirations. I love good photography, especially these of landscapes and animals! :D

Q.: Will you draw (invert random OC or anything else) for me?
A.: I wont draw anything for free. That means, I don't take requests at all. I Do take commissions most of the time (I draw bookcovers, CD-covers etc. etc.), to contact me about a commission and to get informed about my prices (as they vary, depending on the motif you want me to draw, I only accept real money payment via paypal, no dA-points) just contact me at me e-mail adress:

Q.: Can you give me any tips or advices?
A.: It is hard for me to give a person I don't know personally any tips. I have a lot of tutorials in my gallery and many more will probably follow, so this is all I can do for you. I don't have the time to give every person, who asks me for advice, personal art lessons. I think there are many nice tutorials on dA and on google, which will help you! :)

Q.: What are the tools you work with?
A.: Digital Art: Photoshop CS4 and a Hanvon "Artmaster" tablet
Traditional Art: Watercolors (from Schmincke), graphite pen, fineliners, markers

Q.: What does "sanguisGelidus" mean?
A.: It is Latin and means something like "icy blood". :)

Q.: Can I use your art for/at (invert a random webpage/book or anything else)?
A.: You can share my art on any social webpages (facebook, Twitter, dA, Tumblr etc.). But you have to credit me as the original artist giving a link to my dA page. You can download my picture to use them as a wallpaper. You are NOT allowed to use my picture for any commercial purpose, you need my written permission first!! Don't steal, copy or redistribute my art in any way!

Q.: Can you give me some points/llama/a feature ...?
A.: I give points to whom I like to give them. Same goes for llamas, favs, watches, features and anything else. So please don't ask me for no reason.

I hope these are enough Q/A, if not, I will always be prepared to add something important! :) I am happy to be on dA, to receive feedback and to have so many awesome watchers! :heart: If I dont answer a question of yours, I may just overread it, as I get tons of comments and my inbox is often flooded by feedback (which is amazing, I thank everyone of you, who gave/gives me a fav/watch/comment etc.). All the questions listed here will probably not be answered anymore.
Thank you so much for your support! :love:


2 days ago
:iconjojoesart:JoJoesArt has changed their username (formerly sanguisGelidus)
God Of Evanescence Night by JoJoesArt
God Of Evanescence Night
Paws, majestic and silent, 
touching the withered ground,
leaving light and hope,
a trail of life,
as he walks through the forest
on his indistinct journey.


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Hey my dear watchers.. :) Long time no see!! I have missed you so much!! I just returned from my 2 years long mission for my church, the Church of Jesus Chirst of Latter Day Saints. It has been a wonderful experience!! I will share some more experiences and stuff in my journals soon.. :)

This picture is just a little "warm-up". It is the tiger, that I am also using as my icon. I just turned it into a night version.. :) Hope you like it! :)

Favs and comments highly appreciated! :heart:

May be used as a wallpaper :)

Do you still remember me??
1,271 deviants said YES!! Welcome back!! :la:
246 deviants said Hmmm... wait... are you...... no way.... you are.. a UNICORN!!
47 deviants said Who are you? Like.. seriously? :/


Jonas Jödicke
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art

Like me on facebook:

:bulletred: For business or commission inquiries please write me an email to

:bulletred: Youtube channel by me and my sister (Speedpaints/Tutorials etc):…

:bulletred: Print Shop by me and my sis:

:bulletgreen: My awesome fans created a fan group for me! :la: :iconsanguisstyle:


Hey! My name is Jonas Jödicke and I am from Berlin Germany!

I am so happy about all the support I get through this site! Thank you so much! :heart:
Heyyy!! My dear friends! :D :la: :hug:

I just returned from my 2 years long mission in Switzerland. I served as a missionary for two years, teaching people about Jesus Christ and sharing my beliefs. It has been most precious to me to serve my Saviour and I have gained so many unbelievably important experiences. It has literally changed my life!! :D

Now I am back, excited to continue my career as an artist. I can't wait to find some time and do some art. Right now everything is super busy, but you will hear from me very soon!!!!! :D

If you are interested in commissioning me, you can write me a note! :)


Love you all!! :heart:

P.S.: I am planning to change my username from "sanguisGelidus" to "JoJoesArt". It is for simplicity's sake and also because that is what my facebookpage is called. Just to let you know.. :)


Your sanguis
  • Listening to: tabernacle choir haha :D
  • Reading: The Book of Mormon... so gooood!!
  • Watching: He is the Gift

Do you still remember me?? 

1,271 deviants said YES!! Welcome back!! :la:
246 deviants said Hmmm... wait... are you...... no way.... you are.. a UNICORN!!
47 deviants said Who are you? Like.. seriously? :/


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I can't wait for you to return from your mission trip and share with
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